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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a school email?

Yes, you need two emails. 1) The one that you create when you take the placement text "first name" "last name" mandl This email will be in use for nonacademic purposes, such as FA, Registrar, Bursar, Bookstore, etc.  and for Academic Affairs until you do your Freshmen Onboarding course. Once you finish your onboarding you course, you will be given 2) a new email that will have on it. Once you receive that email, you will use this email for all academic purposes such as contacting teachers, to join a class, attend a live lecture, take an exam, take a quiz, etc. 

When will I receive my second email with and be able to view my classes?

You must first complete your Freshmen Onboarding course and then send proof  of completion as directed to After it is confirmed, you will receive your email. The latest this will happen is one week before classes. If for some reason there is a delay, your professors will be notified and you will be contacted. 

What do I need to access my Mandl Learning Management System (LMS)

You need your mandlacademics email. You need an invite which will be sent to you a week prior to the start of the semester.

How can I access my Mandl LMS?

Your Mandl email inbox will have an email from us inviting you to open your ThinkWave account.

Title: Access your online Mandl School account

Click on the link at the bottom of the email It will take you to the registration page titled “New to ThinkWave? Create an account to access your school data.”

Type in your username:

(first name)(last name) all small

Example: John Doe’s account is johndoe


Create a password you won’t forget.

Type in your mandlacademics email in the email section and then hit the green “New Account.”

Where will I find my syllabi for my courses and when?

Your administrators will post your syllabi on your dashboard before school commences, and your instructors will also post them on your Google Classroom.

Where can I find the course descriptions?

They are on the catalog on the website in a blue box titled "Our Catalog." There is a button at the end for you to use that will take you to the Catalog.

What platforms will I be using?

Google Classroom for asynchronous learning

Google Forms for quizzes

ThinkWave for attendance and grades

Who do I see if I need help with anything to do with my schedule?

Dean Ana Tejada:
Asst Dean Prof. Monteiro:
Dr. Chapilliquen:

Where can I find the school calendar?

It is in the important document tab of the website.

Until when can I add and drop classes?

Please view the academic calendar on the home page for this information as it changes each semester.

Who do I contact regarding books and uniforms?

Call the school number (212) 277-3434

What is the policy on student infractions with regards to disciplinary issues?

Refer to the school catalog on the school website

What kind of academic support is available?

  •  For any questions on your program and the courses you need to take to complete your degree

  •  For transfer of credits from other educational institutions

  •  For any concerns regarding faculty and instructors

  •  If you need assistance with academic advising

  •  For information about your textbooks and resources to help you succeed

  •  For questions regarding your academic calendar, midterms, finals, start and end of each semester, etc

  •  For questions on Externship, clinical rotations

  •  For uniform issues 

  •  For Title IX and other safety concerns

  •  For information on Department Chairs

  •  For grade appeals and for add/drops

  •  To change your current schedules

  •  When absent from classes for more than 3 times

  •  For questions on probation, academic warning, terminations


Dean Tejada

Assistant Dean Prof. Monteiro

Director of Evening and Weekend Programs Dr. Chapilliquen

When and where can I purchase my books?

Mandl's book store is now fully online. Go to

For any clarifications, call (212) 277-3434

Where will I get the school uniform?

School uniforms are normally distributed during the first week of the semester. You will be informed when to collect it from the 9th floor's Office of Financial Aid.

Make sure to read the catalog properly and for reference to any other questions you may have. 

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